Why you should set sexual wellness intentions this New Year

Why you should set sexual wellness intentions this New Year

As we welcome another new year, I recall a resolution I set from a few years ago. It wasn't the typical 'lose 10 pounds' or 'pilates twice a week' mantra, but something a little different. After some introspective moments from rocky relationships, I realised that while I had my life together in most areas, my sex life wasn't quite there. After that, I vowed to work on myself in a way that would explore and enrich my sexual wellness.

Starting this journey was different from just a New Year's resolution; it was a change I hoped to maintain indefinitely, a new approach to personal growth and self-care in an aspect of life I had neglected.

So, without further ado! Here’s what I learned from my experience, and why I think we should all set sexual wellness intentions this New Year 🎉

Reflect and acknowledge

My journey began with deep reflection, where I took time to really ponder the ups and downs of my past sexual experiences. I explored what moments brought me joy and fulfillment, and which ones left me wanting more or feeling unfulfilled. It involved asking myself tough questions about my happiness, desires, and the underlying reasons for my feelings. Understanding these aspects was crucial – it helped me identify patterns, recognise my needs, and set the stage for meaningful change in my approach to sexual wellness.

Define your sexual wellness

For me, defining sexual wellness meant delving into the depths of what it truly signifies. I learned to listen to my body and understand my desires on a deeper level. It was also about emotional and mental satisfaction, finding harmony between my needs and those of my partner. This exploration was a journey to better understand and accept myself, leading to a more authentic and satisfying sexual life.

Set joyful goals

Setting goals for sexual wellness should be a happy endeavour! My goals revolved around experimenting with new forms of intimacy, which meant breaking out of the routine and trying things that felt adventurous and exciting, like mutual masturbation or using a toy. Establishing clear boundaries was another key aspect, as it helped create a safe and comfortable space for exploration.

Open and honest communication

Embracing open and honest communication truly transformed my relationship. It involved sharing my deepest thoughts and desires with my partner, which was initially daunting but eventually led to a stronger connection. This open dialogue helped us understand each other's needs and preferences better, fostering a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Holistic self-care

My journey taught me that sexual wellness is intertwined with overall well-being. Taking care of my physical health through proper nutrition and exercise, my mental health through mindfulness and stress management, and my emotional health through self-reflection and emotional intelligence became integral. This holistic approach to self-care enhanced not just my sexual wellness but my overall quality of life.

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