Own Your O: The Shame free Guide To Self-Pleasure

Own Your O: The Shame free Guide To Self-Pleasure

Hey there, lovelies 💕 We're buzzing with excitement! in our mission to break the taboo in Asia, we've been busy crafting up something a little different from usual... 👀

We’re thrilled to unveil "Own Your O: The Shame-Free Guide to Self-Pleasure" – our new masterclass. Featuring certified sexologist Sara Tang, it’s set to revolutionise your journey into self-exploration. Packed with insights, cheekiness, and that signature Nancy charm, it's your gateway to open communication and self-discovery ✨

It's time for a pleasure upgrade!

The spotlight is on Sara. As our in-house sexologist and true superwoman in her field, Sara brings a wealth of accredited expertise and real-world wisdom to this course. Her unique approach, blending scientific knowledge with relatable insights, transforms "Own Your O" from a simple course into a true masterclass. 

With Sara's guidance, prepare to dive into a safe space to gain experience that’s educational AND insightful. So, as you embark on this adventure, rest assured you're in the most capable and inspiring hands.

What you'll uncover

🌟 Foundations of female pleasure
Dive deep into the basics of female orgasms, understanding the sensations and the unique challenges women face.

🛡️ Overcoming sexual shame
Equip yourself with practical tools to bust sexual and body shame, fostering a healthier and more fulfilling sex life.

🔮 The truth behind common pleasure myths
Uncover the realities of female sexuality by debunking prevalent myths, setting the stage for a more informed and satisfying sexual experience.

🌸 Get to know the female pleasure anatomy
Unlock the secrets of female anatomy to explore key pleasure points and maximise sexual satisfaction.

📝 How to create a self-pleasure practice
Discover actionable steps for personal exploration, from setting the scene to understanding the role of the brain in sexual arousal.

Discover the magic of Sara Tang: your guide in "Own Your O"

Meet Sara Tang, a coach and confidante rolled into one. Her journey from a conservative background to a celebrated sex coach is more than just inspiring – it’s empowering. With a Stanford education and a fanbase of millions from her "Better in Bed" podcast, Sara stands as a leading voice in sexual wellness.

At Nancy, her goal is to dismantle barriers and illuminate the path to sexual empowerment. With Sara's guidance, "Own Your O" is as transformative as it gets!

"Sara has the ability to make you feel both completely safe and delightfully adventurous." - Christina, Hong Kong

Ready to own it?

If you're already nodding in agreement, then "Own Your O" is exactly what you've been waiting for. It's time to claim every moment, shift some paradigms and, well, own some O’s!

Course launch is officially slated for January 9! Don't miss out on the journey to transform your self-discovery and empowerment. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to receive exclusive insights, special discounts, and early presale information!

Get ready to dive in! We can't wait to see you own it 🔥 

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