"Own Your O" Masterclass: The Shame Free Guide to Self-Pleasure

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In this course, Asia's leading sex coach, Sara Tang, teams up with Nancy to guide you on a transformative journey from taboos to shame-free pleasure. Drawing from decades of experience as a certified sex coach and her own guilt-ridden religious upbringing, Sara equips you with hands-on techniques for self-pleasure, tools for open communication, and the confidence to explore your sexuality – shame-free.

✨ Immediately available
✨ 2-hours worth of video content
✨ Hands-on techniques for self-pleasure
✨ Effective tools to overcome sexual shame
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The sex ed class I never knew I needed. Sara's approach to pleasure is so refreshing, I can't wait to try some of the techniques she shows!

- Winnie

I wasn't sure whether I will learn a lot through this online class, but Sara has a way to engage you virtually and to demonstrate different techniques on screen, absolutely worth every dollar!

- Amanda

I love how fun this class is, Sara obviously has a lot of experience coaching beginners, I have learnt so much!

- Teresa

Meet your coach, Sara Tang

Sara Tang is a certified sexologist and coach based in Hong Kong. She believes that sex is a skill and everyone can learn how to get better in bed. She is most passionate about helping people who had a limited sex education or culturally conservative upbringing feel more connected and confident with their sexuality. 

Sara has previously been a student of Human Sexuality at Stanford University, an erotic writer and a sex toy party entrepreneur. She is certified by the World Association of Sex Coaches and the American Board of Sexologists. 

The media loves Sara

Not that we want to brag, but Sara's podcast Better in Bed has reached over a million people in 88 countries. It has also been featured as one of the Best Sex Podcasts in Esquire and The Guardian.

This course is for you if...

You are new to the concept of self-pleasure or have limited experience.

You feel curious but uncertain about where and how to start.

You have been raised in environments where sex was taboo or not discussed.

You seek a safe, informative, and non-judgmental space to explore your own body.

You want to enhance your understanding of your own sexuality and pleasure points.

Featured chapters:

Chapter 3

Overcoming sexual shame

In this chapter, Sara shows us how to embrace a pleasure-positive mindset, including practical exercises you can use to transform shame to self love!

Chapter 5

Get to know the female pleasure anatomy

Do you know how to find the Female Pleasure Centers? Or the G-Spot? We've got you covered. In this chapter, Sara helps you unlock the elusive pleasure map of your body.

Chapter 6

How to create a self-pleasure practice

From setting the scene to fun techniques to explore with your hands, get all you need to kickstart your self-pleasure routine in this chapter!

Everything you need to know about female pleasure

Sara shares invaluable lessons she has learned from her transition—from a religious upbringing filled with guilt and shame to becoming a certified sex coach in Hong Kong, where she has empowered hundreds of women to embrace shame-free pleasure.

With the theme of breaking free from shame as the course's cornerstone, you'll be equipped with hands-on techniques for self-pleasure, effective tools for open communication, and the confidence to fully embrace your sexuality.

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It’s time to explore your sexual side.

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