Sexologist Sara Tang Joins the Nancy Team: A Mission to Empower Sexuality

Sexologist Sara Tang Joins the Nancy Team: A Mission to Empower Sexuality

We've all been there, right? The moment when we feel an immediate pang of awkwardness or embarrassment when it comes to matters around sex.

This is a shared experience for many, as diverse cultures, religions and households across the globe often shroud the intimate realm of sexual pleasure in layers of silence and shame. These deeply ingrained beliefs can stifle curiosity and hinder self-exploration, leaving many feeling isolated in their quest for understanding.

But fear not folks, for we are taking matters into our own hands and things are about to change.

We are thrilled to announce that Sara Tang, a certified sexologist, has joined the Nancy team as our in-house sex coach.

Based in Hong Kong, Sara is the founder of SARASENSE - a platform that promotes sexual wellness and education. She believes sex is one of the most amazing experiences in life, and getting better at it is a skill that everyone can learn. 

As a coach, what lights her up is helping people who had a limited sex education or culturally conservative upbringing feel more connected and confident with their sexuality. 

Sara's Journey: From Shame to Empowerment

Growing up in a strict and religious family in Asia, Sara felt a lot of guilt and shame around sex. She also had a terrible sex education which significantly impacted her when she became sexually active. 

Since then, Sara has embarked on a personal and professional journey to liberate herself and others from the burden of shame.

Her ultimate goal is to empower people to become the most sexually confident, radiant and juicy version of themselves. 

Over the past decade, she has devoted herself to studying, writing, and educating people about sex, working towards building a more sex-positive world.

Today, Sara brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been a student of Human Sexuality at Stanford University, an erotic writer, and a sex toy party entrepreneur. Her podcast, Better in Bed, has reached over a million people in 88 countries and is featured as one of the Best Sex Podcasts in Esquire and The Guardian.

With a vision of breaking the stigma surrounding sex and pleasure, Sara and Nancy have united their efforts to create an innovative and groundbreaking course. Their collaboration is driven by aligned values and a shared mission to foster a more inclusive, open-minded approach to sexuality.

“I am incredibly thrilled to be joining forces with the Nancy team. Throughout my personal and professional journey, one thing has remained clear: the critical importance of sex education and the need to normalise open, honest conversations about sex.

Nancy’s mission resonates deeply with me, as we share a common goal of bringing comprehensive sexual wellness education to Asia and beyond. Together, I believe we can break down barriers and create a space for more people to explore and celebrate their sexuality.”

— Sara Tang

Sneak Peek: "Own Your O: The Shame-free Guide to Self-Pleasure" Masterclass

This masterclass, presented by Nancy x Sarasense, is dedicated to improving your sexual wellness through pleasure and orgasms. If you're new to self-pleasure, seeking ways to become more orgasmic, or looking for tips to enhance pleasure for your female partner, this course aims to plug the gaps of a limited sex education.

Who is this for?

Designed for individuals who:

💘Are new to the concept of self-pleasure or have limited experience.

💘Feel curious but uncertain about where to start.

💘Grew up in environments where sex was taboo or not discussed.

💘Seek a safe, informative, and non-judgmental space to explore their own bodies.

💘Want to enhance their understanding of their own sexuality and pleasure points.

If you've ever thought "I'm not sure if I've ever experienced an orgasm" or "I want to learn how to have orgasms more easily and reliably", this course is for you.

Ready to Transform Your Pleasure Story?

We can't wait to share this journey with you! Join us by signing up below for this transformative journey with Sarasense and the Nancy team. Ensure you're among the first to experience this groundbreaking course. Launch details are on the horizon, so stay tuned!

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