8 Habits to Boost your Sexual Wellness

8 Habits to Boost your Sexual Wellness

Recognising sexual health month - Habits to boost your sexual wellness

This week is sexual health week and we are going to be focusing on small, everyday habits that can have a big impact on our sexual wellbeing. By taking charge of our sexual health, we not only elevate our physical health but also enhance our psychological wellness! 

Remember, your sexual wellness isn’t a side hustle—it's your main gig, deeply connected to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. So let’s kick any remnants of old-school guilt out the window; embracing your sexual health is nothing short of a revolutionary act of self-love. It's a vital part of our holistic health. By making conscientious changes to some habits and focusing intentionally on our sexual health, we can unlock our bodies' full potential and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!  

To help get you started, we’ve put together 8 habits you should try this sexual health week to make sure you are looking after your mind, body and soul. Enjoy, ladies! 

1. Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate…

Alright, love, let’s break down the stigma and get down to business. Science is waving the green flag here. Masturbation isn’t just about filling the gaps between date nights; it's a wellness practice that stands tall on its own. Stress relief? Check. Insomnia cure? You bet. Mood booster? Absolutely. When your endorphins are having a party, you'll find that even your interactions with a partner will feel like a celebration. And here's a hot tip: try spicing things up with Uno, our beginner-friendly toy, during your solo or partner play sessions. 

2. Kegel exercises 

Pelvic clenches are the unsung heroes of the sexual wellness world. Think of Kegels as the Pilates of the bedroom—a core strengthening exercise with fringe benefits galore. For you ladies out there, stronger orgasms and more natural lubrication are just a squeeze away. And for the men, ever fantasised about more control and stronger erections? A few minutes a day can make those dreams a reality. And the best part? It’s a workout you can do secretly at your desk. Naughty but so, so nice.

3. Pillow talk

A heart-to-heart chat can almost solve any problem. Dive into open conversations about your intimate fantasies, because your desires deserve a voice. Thinking about adding some exciting toys to your sexual experience? Make it a topic of discussion over dinner or a text. Open communication with a partner makes it easier to know what gets you both going, so don't skimp on sharing or shy away from asking what you each like in the bedroom. 

 4. Sexercise

Movement is magical. Physical exercise isn't just good for the waistline; it’s a game-changer for your sexual vitality. Driven to the edge by stress? Run it out on the treadmill or dance it off to your favourite beats. You'll find that your libido will thank you. Plus, when you’re flexible, strong, and full of energy, you'll feel like a rockstar in bed. So, invest in your body like you would in a luxurious piece of lingerie—you'll adore the way it makes you feel.

5. Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the secret ingredient to sexy sexual encounters. Savour each touch as if tasting a fine wine. Take a breath and let the experience marinate in your senses. Being present can actually amplify your physical sensations, making your intimate moments not just memorable, but extraordinary.

6. Turn off your phone and devices 

Easier said than done, right? But let's be real—the constant pings and alerts have no place in your sanctuary of pleasure. When it's time to focus on your own pleasure or your partner's, give yourselves the gift of undivided attention. Switch off your devices, and let the only vibrations be the ones that give you those toe curling moments.

7. Get tested for sexual wellness 

Ignorance isn't bliss in the bedroom, be bold and get regular sexual health check-ups. Knowing that all is well downstairs will elevate your confidence, enrich your experiences, and allow you to focus entirely on pleasure rather than your worries. Your partner will thank you for it, but most importantly, you'll thank yourself.

8. Balance isn't just a buzzword

We've all been there: deadlines, obligations, and social events fighting for a spot in our bursting calendars. But listen, love, if your life is too chaotic for a roll in the hay, it’s time to hit pause and reassess. Craft a life that makes room for what matters, which absolutely includes your sexual well-being. Ever taken the time to take yourself on a masturbation date? Maybe now's the time!

Nancy believes in playing it safe 

This year's sexual health week focuses on the concept of playing it safe - which can be interpreted in many ways. At Nancy, we want to give you the space and opportunity to be safe. Whether it be feeling empowered to sexual health testing, understanding consent, having a healthy relationship or embracing your sexual pleasure. 

Play is one of Nancys core values, and we believe it is important for people to explore and play with what feels good to you on your sexual journey. Looking for the perfect companion for your masturbation dates or your sexual wellness habits? Why not try Uno, our beginner friendly toy designed especially for you to explore your sexuality and see what feels good to you. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to play and experiment with sexual pleasure, and most importantly you should only do what makes you feel comfortable. 

For this year's Sexual Health month, we are giving you lucky readers 15% off with the code GETSEXY for your very first Uno. What better way to celebrate this special occasion, enjoy ladies! 

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