The power of mindful breath for better orgasms

The power of mindful breath for better orgasms

Why is breathing important for orgasms?

When we're pleasuring ourselves or having sex, many of us forget to breathe. Crazy right?! This can happen for several reasons actually. We might feel tense about how we look, overly concentrated on climaxing, or we may just be having too much fun we forget how to biologically function!

This can prevent or minimise the impact of our orgasms. If you do climax, it's likely to be a tense orgasm, due to the restricted level of oxygen in your body and lower circulation to your genitalia.

How can I improve this?

It's quite easy actually. During your pleasure activities, try to be more mindful of your breath.

If you notice that you're experiencing shallow or restricted breath, slow yourself down. Take deep breaths that move down your abdomen, ending at your pelvic floor. It's best to breathe through your nose, as this gives you even more oxygen.

All this can lead to deeper, more relaxed orgasms. Who doesn't love that? ️️💖

The next time you hop under the sheets, try to breathe mindfully.

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