Edging to amazing orgasms

Edging to amazing orgasms

While we should avoid taking movies and TV shows as an accurate source for sex ed, there is a way to have longer, more intense orgasms with this amazing technique called edging. 

Edging is the process where you

1) Take yourself to the brink of orgasm,
2) Pull back and let the feeling fade away, and
3) Repeat the process multiple times.

You might be thinking, "Are you crazy? Why would I stop myself from having an orgasm!?!" That's a fair question, just hear me out.

When our bodies experience edging, we build our level of arousal each time. When you finally do decide to go all the way, it's a way better feeling than if you had just given in the first time you got close.

Research by OMGYes found that over 65% of women surveyed had longer and more intense orgasms when they used edging

There are three methods of edging that you can try out, so see what you like best. When you feel yourself getting close you can...

1) Fully take your hands away and let your body return to its beginning state

2) Touch a part of your body that doesn't stimulate you sexually

3) Touch a part of your body that does stimulate you sexually, but won't take you over the edge

The key to edging is patients and self-control, but that can be hard sometimes. If you do end up orgasming before you intended to, don't beat yourself up. You can always try it again during your next pleasure session.

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