Anal sex for newbies

Anal sex for newbies

Anal is something that a lot of people are really intrigued by, but may also be terrified of due to ways it can go wrong.

To help our community members feel more confident to try out anal here's some helpful info so that you can get down to business!

1) Avoiding the party poopers...

It's totally normal to be afraid of what might come out of your anus when something tries to go in it. As long as you have a normal bowel movement that day, you should be in the clear.
When an object/penis goes into your anus, it's entering the rectum. When we aren't going to the bathroom, poop is stored in the colon, not the rectum. That means you'll be in the clear for some poop-free sex. Yay!

2) You don't need to go 0 to 60 

Toys, fingers, and mouths can all get in on the action before a penis comes into the picture. This will help you and your anus relax through the experience.  

3) Get in position, girl! 

The best anal sex position for a newbie is one where you're in control and setting the speed. A spooning position works great, as well as being on top of your partner. Follow the speed and depth that feels best for you and don't feel like you need to rush the process. 
When the day finally comes, you're feeling confident and sexy, here's a little routine to make the experience super pleasurable. 
  • Go to the bathroom and empty out your bowels completely. If things don't seem to be flowing that day, just reschedule
  • Try to avoid big meals and foods that don't sit right in your belly
  • Create the environment. Grabs some tissues, lube, sex toys, water -- whatever you'd like
  • Hop in the shower, grab your luxurious body wash, and get all squeaky clean
  • And before you begin the experience... chat with your partner and make sure they're cool with you taking your time and setting the boundaries
  • Finally, have fun!

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