Stimulating the pubic mound

Stimulating the pubic mound

Pubic mound? What the heck is that?

The pubic mound is the squishy bit of skin at the top of the labia. You'll find it located above the clitoris. It has many names: mons pubi, mons veneris, and (my favourite) the mound of Venus named after the Roman goddess of love. 💓

Inside the pubic mound are a bunch of nerve endings, which is why it feels so great when stimulated. Because this mound isn't nearly as famous as the clitoris or vaginal canal, it's often overlooked. 😢

How can I stimulate my pubic mound?

Stimulating the pubic mound is pretty straightforward. All it takes is a little pressure to get it going. When touching your vulva, press the rest of your hand against the mound and you'll feel some wonderful sensations. You can also stroke your hand against it to stimulate those nerve endings.

You can involve the pubic mound during oral sex, penetrative sex, and even dry humping. All it takes is a little attention and pressure on this area to make it come alive.


Now quit reading this email and go give your pubic mound the love it so rightly deserves!

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