The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Erotica

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Erotica

Ladies, there is a big wild world of erotica out there and an endless amount of resources to explore (lucky us). However, it can be daunting if it's your first time discovering Erotica. You might be thinking, what even is erotica? Where do I begin? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you on this journey of exploration to help you unlock your deepest desires through the many ways of erotica; books, videos, toys, and more! So ladies, get ready to explore the wonderful world of erotica and see how it can enhance your pleasure journey. 

What even is Erotica?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what erotica actually is. Unlike pornography, which is often focused solely on sexual activity, erotica tends to focus on the emotional, psychological, and sometimes even social aspects of sexual desire and fantasies. It can be explored in many ways depending on what turns you on! Whether it’s through video, photos, audio, or spoken words, erotica is any content that’s created with the intention of arousing you. (To be clear, if you are seeking content that will teach you how to perform certain acts, you need sex education, not erotica.) 

Why is Erotica Important?

Navigating the world of erotica is about taking things at your own pace and discovering what excites you, what intrigues you, and what feels right for you. Arousal is unique to everyone, and erotica offers a safe place to explore your personal preferences. We’ve put together a few reasons why embracing erotica is important to your pleasure journey. 

Personalized sexual exploration: Erotica provides a safe space for you to explore your sexual desires and fantasies to understand what your desires are, discover new ones, and create a positive relationship with yourself. There's no one-size-fits-all here, whether you enjoy the slow burn of a sensual novel or the instant arousal of an erotic film, there are many ways to consume erotica. 

Sex Education: While it's not a substitute for sex education, erotica serves as an additional resource that offers a more in-depth look at human sexuality. While traditional sex education focuses more on the biological and safety aspects of sex, erotica explores the emotional, psychological, and sensual side of sex. It expands your horizons and allows you to try different sexual experiences, desires, and fantasies. 

Stress Relief: The world of erotica can serve as a sanctuary, your own haven. Providing you with a much-needed escapism from the stresses and strains of everyday life (we feel you, girl). By immersing yourself in the exploration of fantasies and desires, you can experience a sense of release, relaxation, and mental tranquility - pure bliss we’d say! 

Different Types of Erotica

Now onto the fun stuff...It might seem like you are navigating a never-ending hole of endless possibilities with the wide variety of erotica out there. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy little list of different styles of erotica you can try to see what you enjoy most, after all, it's about exploring and trying what feels best to you. 💘

Erotic Literature: From ancient poems like the "Song of Songs" in the Bible and the Kama Sutra from India, to modern works like "Fifty Shades of Grey,' written erotica has been a part of our culture for centuries. Erotic literature can range from subtly sensual to explicitly erotic, providing you with a safe and private space to explore your desires. One of our recent favorite fantasy novels is Neon Gods by Katee Robert. It’s time to switch on your bedside lamp and get reading, ladies. 

Erotic Videos:  Erotic videos can range from mainstream movies with intense love scenes, short erotic videos designed specifically to arouse the viewer or even instructional videos that demonstrate sexual techniques and practices. Engaging with erotic films and videos can enhance your understanding and appreciation of human sexuality and help discover what gets you aroused. One of our favorite erotic movies of all time is Eyes Wide Shut (you’re welcome 😉). 

Erotic Podcasts: This is one of our personal erotica favorites, when you press play on a sex podcast, you enter a shame-free, no-judgment zone. Plug in your AirPods, close your eyes, and enter a space for exploration, while you listen to the power of spoken words and let your imagination run wild. Whether you want some kinky bedroom inspiration, dirty details about a kink you’re kinda, sorta, curious about, or a bedtime story to turn you on, podcasts offer something for everyone. A few of our favorites are ‘Kiss Me Quick, ‘Quinn’, and ‘Dipsea’. 

Sex Toys: We might be biased, but, using sex toys is a savvy way to enhance your sexual pleasure and explore what makes you get aroused. From the vibrators like the Uno to dildos and bondage gear, these handy tools allow you to explore your sexual desires, both alone or with a partner - adding dimension to the erotica experience.

Let's recap - The world of Erotica

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