G-Spot 101

G-Spot 101

Chances are you've heard of the g-spot. That it's a little, squishy, rough patch located in the upper wall of the vaginal canal. Once stimulated, it's meant to create amazing orgasms. But is it really that simple?

Of course not! When is it ever? 😂 The way the g-spot is discussed in the mainstream may give you the wrong idea of how to stimulate this area. Let's review some important g-spot-info so that you can unlock its benefits.

Locating your g-spot

The first thing to remember is that your g-spot isn't really a "spot". It's more of a sensitive zone within your vaginal canal. While it's most common to find the g-spot at the top wall of the vaginal canal (~50%), it can also be located on the sides or bottom of the vaginal canal. The g-spot can also be at different depths. Around 15% of g-spots are deeper than a finger can reach.
The best way to find YOUR g-spot is through exploration! Once aroused, use your fingers/toy to explore down there.

G-Spot foreplay

Unless your body is really aroused, stimulating the g-spot may actually be uncomfortable. Give your body plenty of time to warm up beforehand by focusing on external stimulation.

Best sex positions for the g-spot

Stimulating your g-spot during penetrative sex all depends on where your g-spot is. If your g-spot is located close to the top wall of your vaginal canal, the cowgirl position should stimulate that region. If your g-spot is located towards the bottom wall, doggy style or reverse cowgirl may be more pleasurable for you.

If you do one thing this weekend, I'd suggest exploring down there to discover what feels best 😉


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