6 ways to take solo sex to the next level

6 ways to take solo sex to the next level

Let me tell you a little secret: the best sex I ever had was alone. No offense to my partners (past and present), but let's face it: no one knows your body better than you do. It's the shared secret that nearly 80% of people worldwide indulge in solo play regularly. No partners, no expectations, just you and the open road to self-discovery and satisfaction.

So, ladies, throw out the notion of normal out the window and let's dive deep into ways that can take your solo pleasure experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you're new to self-pleasure or would consider yourself an expert, we are sure that these little things can do A LOT to your solo play experience. 

Stimulate your senses

Masturbation should be more than just a touch-and-go experience. While touch is undeniably a star player, let's not forget about the rest of the team. We're talking about your other senses here.

Experiment with sensory deprivation by throwing a blindfold into the mix. You'll find that your other senses get a significant boost, making every sound, touch, and scent more intense and immersive.

Engage your senses with scented candles or essential oils. Play some mood-setting music or try an audio erotica story to treat your ears. And don't be shy to let your pleasure echo through the room. If you need some guidance, make sure to check out the ultimate guide to erotica

Try edging

Masturbation is not a race. Sometimes the journey can be just as rewarding - if not more - than the destination. This is where the playful art of edging comes into play.

Edging is about teasing and denying yourself an orgasm. It's like flirting with your climax, then pulling away at the last minute. Sounds frustrating, right? But oh, the sweet release when you finally let go!

By teasing yourself close to the edge of climax, then purposely slowing things down, you're building up a wave of excitement that can only be unleashed one way -- with a deeply powerful and long-lasting orgasm. Curious about learning more about edging? You must read this now

Use a toy 

Variety is the spice of life, and your solo pleasure routine is no exception. There's a whole world of tools and toys out there just waiting to be explored.

Start with something simple, like the Uno vibrator or a masturbation sleeve. Treat yourself to different types of lubricant. Rabbit-style vibes are another popular choice for vulva owners who enjoy dual stimulation. 

Ready for more? Expand your horizons with a plethora of toys designed for every preference and pleasure point. You could add to your collection butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps, penis pumps and suction cup dildos - the opportunities are endless. 

Investing in a sexy and flattering piece of lingerie can also be a great way to instantly boost your confidence and sex drive. Lingerie isn’t reserved just for people in relationships. Slipping into something silky and sexy under your clothes all day will leave you primed and ready for some solo sex when your workday is done. 

Add an element of surprise 

Engaging in the same position, same location, same rhythm every time you indulge in a bit of self-love?

Whether it's under the water of the shower, lying on your back in bed, or parked in front of your computer screen enjoying some adult content, adding a dash of variety to your solo sessions can make a world of difference.

Try switching positions - from lying on your back to sitting, kneeling, or even standing. Bring your favorite waterproof toy along for your next shower or caress yourself languidly in a relaxing bath. Mix up the rhythm, pace, and intensity of your self-pleasure methods as much as possible.

Trust me, there's a certain thrill in achieving climax in an unfamiliar setting or position, or by trying a technique that's new to you. It's like a breath of fresh air in your solo sex life - ahhhhhh. 

Think of something naughty 

Who says solo pleasure has to be... well, solo? Your imagination is a powerful tool, and it's about time we put it to good use.

To change up your solo play routine, try picturing a risqué or even forbidden scenario as you pleasure yourself. Maybe there's an invisible observer, a phantom presence in the room, watching your every move as you explore your body. Or perhaps, with your eyes shut, you can almost feel someone else guiding your hand or toy.

Let the sultry voices and unfolding narrative ignite your imagination. Explore not just your physical contours, but also your wildest fantasies. You might even stumble upon a few fantasies you didn't know you had!

This is where the magic of audio erotica and erotic media can truly shine. If you want to learn more, check out this ultimate guide to erotica.

Keep in mind that fantasising isn't a sign of dissatisfaction with your real-life sex life; it's a fun and harmless way to add an extra layer of excitement to your solo pleasure session.

Embrace mindfulness 

Last, but in no way least, let's talk about mindfulness. Sex is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and that includes solo play too.

Practice mindfulness by focusing on your body's sensations, the rhythm of your breath, and the feelings stirring within you. This isn't just about reaching the finish line; it's about enjoying the race too. 

By forming a deeper connection with your body and your sexuality, you might just stumble upon new pleasure points you never knew existed.

Masturbation is a healthy, natural, and absolutely enjoyable aspect of human sexual wellness. By stepping out of your comfort zone and testing different approaches, you can turn solo pleasure into a truly satisfying and enlightening journey.

Everyone's self-pleasure journey is unique, and there's no right or wrong way to enjoy solo pleasure. Experiment, explore, and, most importantly, have fun!

Nancy - Your companion in solo play 

Looking for the perfect companion for your solo play sessions? Why not try Uno, our beginner-friendly toy designed especially for you to explore your sexuality and see what feels good to you. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to play and experiment with sexual pleasure. Most importantly, you should only do what makes you feel comfortable too 😉 

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