All about Uno - Our Beginner Friendly Toy

All about Uno - Our Beginner Friendly Toy

Uno is our labour of love, developed over months of research, prototyping, testing, and fine-tuning. It might look sweet and innocent on your nightstand, but it's a pleasure powerhouse, ready to ignite your senses! 🔥 Let's delve deeper into what makes Uno the top pick among beginners.

From low and slow to “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Like the flirtations at the start of the tango, Uno starts with a slow rumble and builds slowly into the crescendo of release. The Nancy Squad told us that most toys started too strong. It took months of re-engineering motors to offer the low and slow rotations that could offer the teasing, gentle start for our lady parts.

Focus on pressing your buttons, not ours

Sun-kissed, you feel the warmth of a tropical sun on your skin, as the sound of waves gently lapping up against the sand. Strong, smooth, coconut-oiled hands glide across your back and melt away all your cares. The voice in your head whispers, “Where is the damn button?”

Being in the moment is not easy when you’re fiddling with buttons. You’re not gaming, you’re PLAYING. We removed all the complex controls to a single button so you can start slow and build up to wherever you want to go. Now back to that beachside massage with Harry…

Shhh… Or not…

Whether at home or away, your toy should whisper sweet nothings. You’re not mowing the lawn, playtime is for gentle music and scented candles, or a stolen moment in the copy room. Uno runs whisper quiet so, the loudest thing during playtime is you.

Designed for every nook and cranny

The Uno is made for easy control even when you start to lose control. The super soft tip designed to cup and glide your clitoris from fold to fold, meets a round curvy butt that’s easy to grip and flow. Whether you like it with your eyes opened or closed, Uno will feel like an extension of your hand.

Just between you and… well, you.

Rounded curves and soft delicate edges in a shade of pink lace, Uno could find a home on your nightstand or handbag, and no one will notice. Designed to be sleek and discreet, the only person who will know what it is, is you. 

Not just big things, but little things too

  • Production cleaning
  • Illustrated manual
  • Beautiful recyclable packaging

Ready to give Uno a try and take your self-pleasure game to the next level? Get yours now!

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