Meet Lolly: Your next travel companion

Meet Lolly: Your next travel companion

Planning a solo trip to Bali or a weekend in the bustling streets of New York? Don't let your itinerary limit your fun. Enter Nancy’s new Lolly Mini Wand, your ultimate travel buddy that promises to keep things exciting, no matter the time zone.

Compact power

With its compact design, Lolly fits into the smallest of spaces—more discreet than a spy in a Bond movie. And this external vibe isn't just small; it's mighty! With 10 unique intensities and patterns, from gentle murmurs to powerful rumbles, Lolly ensures that relaxation is just a button away. Its flexible design is perfect for reaching all those travel-tired spots. Plus, Lolly is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof, ready for any adventure, rain or shine!

Travel ready

Lolly's discreet size and quiet buzz make it the ideal travel companion. It slips easily into any bag or suitcase, ensuring that privacy and satisfaction travel hand-in-hand. The best part? It’s crafted from smooth, body-safe materials, so you can relax and enjoy your journey worry-free. And it's quieter than a ninja in sneakers, so you can enjoy your relaxation without waking up the whole hotel floor.

Multitask like a pro

After a long day of trekking through new cities or rushing through crowded airports, who says you can't find a moment of zen? Lolly isn’t just a wizard at whispering sweet nothings; it doubles as a handheld massager. Whether it’s soothing your neck after a cramped flight or rejuvenating tired feet after a day of sightseeing, Lolly's got your back—and shoulders, and any other travel-weary muscle. So, why pack a separate massager when Lolly can do it all, making your luggage lighter and your travels brighter?

Bundle up for more fun

Why stop at one when you can have three? Pair Lolly with our Oh-Oh-Oh Triple Bundle for triple the fun.

Featuring Uno, our bullet-style clitoral vibrator with a tapered point for precision-point stimulation. Uno is perfect for beginners exploring both internal and external sensations. It's ready to play nice or naughty, catering to your every whim. Then, get ready for Lem, your zesty ticket to deeper, more satisfying orgasms. This cheeky clitoral air suction toy comes in a happy yellow hue and offers ten tantalizing settings. And of course, the toy of the hour, Lolly, is included as well.

To top it all off, the Pleasure Pouch offers a stylish and incognito storage solution, while the Playtime Pleasures Guide is packed with tips and tricks to turn up the heat.

This power-packed trio is perfect for those who love variety and are looking to make their pleasure collection travel-sized.

Exclusive offer

Both Lolly and the Oh-Oh-Oh Triple Bundle are currently available at a sizzling 50% off, no code required! But hurry—these deals are flying faster than your average summer getaway. Stock is limited, and we’re taking preorders now to reserve your spot. Products ship in July, just in time for your holiday escapades.

So, why wait? Grab Lolly and let your next journey be one of exploration and excitement. After all, every great traveler deserves a great companion, and Lolly is sure to bring you O’s wherever you go!


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