10 kinks and fetishes you’ve probably never heard of

10 kinks and fetishes you’ve probably never heard of

I remember the first time I hooked up with a guy who had a foot fetish.

Let me preface: it wasn’t a bad experience, at all! From the incredible foot massage to the adoring glances he lavished on my (thankfully, manicured) toes, the whole affair was revelatory for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it opened my eyes to just how varied and interesting people’s sexual preferences could be. It also nudged me to ponder my own likes and quirks. What were the unique and unusual things that tickled my fancy during intimate moments? And how did I feel about them- embarrassed, timid, exposed?

The realm of kinks and fetishes is one of those wonderfully vibrant elements that make the spectrum of human sexuality even more enthralling. Sure, you might be familiar with the big-ticket items like bondage or roleplay, but have you delved into how niche and varied kinks can really be?

Here at Nancy, we refuse to yuck any yums. Every kink and fetish is beautiful in its own way!

Today, we’ve put together a list of 10 fascinating, fun, and downright unique kinks and fetishes that folks are exploring.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we? 👀


Agalmatophilia is a rather unique term that springs from the Ancient Greek words ἄγαλμα (ágalma), meaning 'statue', and φιλία (philía), meaning 'love'. It's a paraphilia that describes a sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins, or similar figurative objects. Those who experience this may find themselves attracted to the idea of actual sexual contact with these objects, fantasising about both sexual and non-sexual encounters with them- whether they're animate or not. Additionally, it can include watching interactions between such objects or even deriving sexual pleasure from thoughts of being transformed into, or transforming someone else into, an inanimate object. Intriguing, isn't it?


Macrophilia, which literally means a "lover of large," takes on a distinct flavour in the realm of sexual fantasies, referring to an attraction to beings significantly larger than oneself. This particular fetish is so varied that men who fancy larger women are often referred to as ‘Amazon chasers’. The fascination varies greatly among macrophiles and hinges on factors like gender and sexual orientation.

Typically, macrophiles relish the sensation of being physically smaller. Their fantasies range widely- from sadomasochistic scenarios involving abuse, degradation, domination, or even being devoured, to more benevolent dreams of being rescued, protected, or befriended by a larger, often heroic female figure. These larger beings are frequently perceived as powerful and dominating, adding a thrilling dynamic to the fantasy.


Spectrophilia might sound like something straight out of a gothic romance, but it’s actually a fetish where one finds themselves attracted to ghosts or spirits. This intriguing paraphilia involves individuals who are not just enamoured by the idea of ghosts, but who also fantasise about engaging in sexual scenarios with these ethereal beings. Whether it’s imagining intimate encounters between themselves or others and spirits, spectrophiliacs are drawn to the supernatural allure of such interactions. Additionally, the term is sometimes used to discuss alleged incidents where humans and ghosts or spirits have interacted sexually. Quite the spooky subject, wouldn't you say?


This particular paraphilia is where sexual arousal and orgasm hinge on the thrill of being observed while performing. Essentially, it involves individuals who find their peak excitement in displaying themselves in a live show, be it on stage or on camera. The allure of being watched, whether they're acting, dancing, or engaging in more intimate acts, drives their sexual gratification. It's a fascinating intersection of exhibitionism and performance, where the audience's gaze plays a crucial role in the arousal process.


Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia where individuals find sexual arousal in the perilous thrill of potentially being killed. This rather extreme fetish can intersect with other life-threatening kinks, like those involving drowning or choking. Interestingly, the actual endangerment of one's life isn't a requirement for arousal; many are captivated merely by fantasies or simulated scenarios where their survival seems at risk. It's a fascinating, if somewhat alarming, exploration of how danger can heighten sexual excitement.


Dacryphilia, also known as dacrylagnia, is a unique form of paraphilia where individuals find sexual arousal in the sight of tears or the sound of sobbing. The term itself melds two Greek words: dacry- meaning "tears" and philia meaning "love." This particular interest delves into the emotional expressions of crying, where the tears themselves or the act of sobbing become the focal points of arousal. It's an intriguing interplay of emotion and desire, where the depth of feeling is both seen and profoundly felt. Isn't it fascinating how complex human attractions can be?


Dendrophilia literally translates to "love of trees." This term sometimes describes a paraphilia where individuals feel a sexual attraction or arousal towards trees. This might manifest in physical contact with trees or viewing them as phallic symbols, or even a combination of both. The fascination often involves a deep admiration or veneration of trees, not just as natural entities but as objects of desire. It's a testament to the broad spectrum of human sexuality, where even the stoic, silent trees can stir profound emotions and desires.


This refers to a fascination where individuals find arousal in engaging in sexual activities in front of a mirror. The allure here is seeing oneself in the act, which adds a visual dimension to the experience, enhancing the excitement and engagement. It taps into a level of self-awareness and exhibitionism, as participants not only perform but also become their own audience. This can intensify the intimacy of the moment, making it a deeply personal yet visually shared experience.


Erotic electrostimulation, often abbreviated as erotic e-stim and also known as electrosex, is a sexual practice where electrical stimulation is applied to the body's nerves, particularly focusing on the genitals, to achieve sexual stimulation. This practice involves using power sources or devices specifically designed for erotic play. Originally linked with BDSM activities, erotic electrostimulation has evolved as a distinct form of sensual exploration. It harnesses the thrilling potential of electricity to enhance pleasure, offering a unique and intense experience that electrifies the senses.


Paraphilic infantilism, also known as autonepiophilia and commonly referred to as "adult baby" syndrome, involves a fetish that may be either sexual or non-sexual in nature. This intriguing form of ageplay sees individuals role-playing a regression to an infant-like state. Those who engage in this practice are often colloquially known as "adult babies" or "ABs."

The behaviours associated with paraphilic infantilism can vary widely but often include wearing babyish clothing, using diapers, cuddling with stuffed animals, drinking from a bottle, or sucking on a pacifier. When interacting with others, the activities might extend to gentle, nurturing experiences, engaging in baby talk, or incorporating BDSM elements such as masochism, coercion, punishment, or humiliation, which introduces complex power dynamics into the role-play. This unique blend of behaviours and interactions highlights the diverse ways that individuals explore and express their identities and desires.

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