Lolly Mini Wand

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Who says big things can’t come in small packages?

Say hello to Lolly, your ultimate travel companion.

This mini wand is a true powerhouse. Doubling as an external vibrator and pocket-sized massager, Lolly slips into your purse for pleasure anytime, anywhere! 

With a flexible handle and head, Lolly targets your sweet spots perfectly. Choose from 10 unique intensities and patterns, each one sending powerful, rumbly vibrations deep into your muscles.

Crafted from smooth, body-safe materials, Lolly is lightweight, soft, and durable—just the right mix of everything. It’s also USB rechargeable and fully waterproof.

Pack light! Lolly is all you need for explosive pleasure on the go.

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Lolly helps you free the tension in your body by releasing stress and relaxing your muscles. What an amazing tool!

- Nadia

My clitoris needs two things: 1. strong power, and 2. firm pressure. This excels in both.

- Eloise

This thing has me shaking like a newborn deer.

- Sasha

Pleasure wherever you go

Tiny & Mighty

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This powerhouse packs a punch! From gentle rumbles to out-of-this-world pulsations, Lolly offers versatility in a small package.

Soft & Smooth

Lolly is silky smooth and shaped for a pleasurable experience. You can explore the different sensations it offers and find the one that suits you best.

Wide Range of Intensities

With its 10 unique patterns and intensities, Lolly offers a diverse range of patterns to enhance your experience. Begin gently and journey across a wide array of intensities to discover your perfect level of satisfaction.

10 unique patterns


Discreet shipping

Medical grade silicone

Easy to use

Let's get playing

Lolly's self-love manual

Navigating the path of self-pleasure is an adventure with Lolly's guide. Designed for both beginners and experts, it features helpful tips to maximise your experience. In collaboration with Hong Kong artist Lou Pau, we've created special, sensual illustration cards, adding an artistic touch to your journey. Enjoy these unique collectables as you explore the delights of Lolly.


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