Why you need a mini wand this summer

Why you need a mini wand this summer

I’m heading to Greece this summer for a much-needed girls' trip. Think sun, sea, and lots of laughs. But there’s a slight hitch—my boyfriend’s got to stay back for work. So, it’s just me and the girls, which means I’ll be flying solo in more ways than one.

Naturally, I’m thrilled, but let’s be real—I’ve got needs, and with my boyfriend back home, I know frustration is inevitable. Luckily, Nancy’s come to the rescue with her latest toy, Lolly. This little wonder is designed for travel and promises to be the perfect companion for my summer adventure.

So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you absolutely need a mini wand like Lolly this summer.

Beach ready bliss

Lolly’s compact, pocket-sized design makes it the perfect addition to your beach bag. Whether you’re lounging under the sun or stealing a quiet moment in your cozy beach bungalow, Lolly ensures that pleasure is always within reach. Its discreet nature means you can enjoy some private bliss without any fuss. Just imagine basking in the sun, waves crashing in the background, and knowing you have a little secret stashed away for those intimate moments. Lolly transforms any summer escape into a thrilling adventure, making your getaway even more unforgettable. So, whether you're sunbathing, reading a book, or enjoying a sunset, Lolly is there to add a little extra excitement to your summer days.

Adventure proof

Lolly is your perfect adventure companion. Whether you're setting up camp in the serene mountains or wandering through bustling new cities, Lolly's powerful yet whisper-quiet vibrations guarantee those private moments of bliss without drawing attention. Its compact and discreet design means you can easily pack it in your travel bag, ensuring you’re always ready for a little fun no matter where your summer adventures take you. From a secluded campsite to a cozy hotel room, Lolly’s versatility makes it the ideal addition to any trip, turning every destination into a potential playground. So go ahead and explore—Lolly's got your back (and more).

Summer night delight

Imagine those warm summer nights, the air filled with the scent of blossoms, and the sky glittering with stars. Lolly, with its 10 unique intensities and patterns, brings an extra spark to these magical evenings. Its flexible head and handle are designed to precisely target your sweet spots, whether you’re indulging in solo exploration or adding an exciting twist to your romantic nights. Perfect for those dreamy moments under the stars, Lolly ensures every night is memorable and filled with pleasure. So, let Lolly turn your summer nights into delightful, intimate adventures.

Poolside fun

Dive into ultimate relaxation with Lolly, the fully waterproof mini wand that’s perfect for poolside fun. Whether you’re taking a refreshing dip in the pool or unwinding in the hot tub, Lolly is designed to enhance your aquatic adventures. Its waterproof feature means you can explore new sensations in the water, adding a whole new level of excitement to your summer lounging. So, go ahead and make your poolside moments even more delightful with Lolly by your side, ensuring your summer is filled with refreshing pleasure.

Charge and go

Stay powered up all summer long with Lolly’s convenient USB rechargeable feature. No matter where your travels take you, Lolly ensures you’re always ready for pleasure. With hours of uninterrupted bliss on a single charge, you can indulge whenever the mood strikes. Recharging is a breeze with any USB port, making it perfect for those spontaneous adventures. Keep your summer electrifying and satisfying with Lolly, ensuring you never miss a moment of delight.

Bundle up for more fun

Why stop at one when you can have three? Pair Lolly with our Oh-Oh-Oh Triple Bundle for triple the fun.

Featuring Uno, our bullet-style clitoral vibrator with a tapered point for precision-point stimulation. Uno is perfect for beginners exploring both internal and external sensations. It's ready to play nice or naughty, catering to your every whim. Then, get ready for Lem, your zesty ticket to deeper, more satisfying orgasms. This cheeky clitoral air suction toy comes in a happy yellow hue and offers ten tantalizing settings. And of course, the toy of the hour, Lolly, is included as well.

To top it all off, the Pleasure Pouch offers a stylish and incognito storage solution, while the Playtime Pleasures Guide is packed with tips and tricks to turn up the heat.

This power-packed trio is perfect for those who love variety and are looking to make their pleasure collection travel-sized.

Exclusive offer

Both Lolly and the Oh-Oh-Oh Triple Bundle are currently available at a sizzling 50% off, no code required! But hurry—these deals are flying faster than your average summer getaway.

So, why wait? Grab Lolly and let your next journey be one of exploration and excitement. After all, every great traveler deserves a great companion, and Lolly is sure to bring you O’s wherever you go!

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