Erotica: A Relaxing Evening Alone

Erotica: A Relaxing Evening Alone

I lowered my body into the comforting warmth of the bath water. The scent of lavender and rose petals wafted in the air. I watched the flickering of candlelight dance on my bathroom walls while the gentle sounds of my favorite music swept me away. I could finally feel myself relaxing as I submerged myself into the tub, knowing nobody was home and I was alone.

I really needed this. I laid there in the bathtub with my eyes closed, taking one deep breath after another. I could feel all the muscles in my body releasing some of the tension that had been building inside all week.

Cupping my hands together to catch the bath water, I pour it softly over my face, washing away all the problems of the day. The more I relaxed, the more I began to replay my day in my mind. The entire day wasn’t all bad.

I walked past that pink store again, the one I walk past every day. Today was different, though. I caught myself stopping to peek through the sheer pink curtains in the window, catching only a glimpse, but that quick glimpse had awakened my curiosity even more.

All of the lingerie looked so exciting and sexy compared to the sets I always wear. The walls were covered in boxes of what I can only assume were vibrators.

Some of the vibrators were small and I wondered how much power those little pink ones might be capable of.

Vibrators have always intrigued me, but I had never had the courage to buy one or try one.

Shaking my head, I bring myself back to reality

I grab my favorite body wash and drizzle it onto my loofa. Gracefully lifting my leg out of the bath water, I slide the slippery loofa up and down, coating my leg in a bubbly layer. Switching, I do the same to the other leg. Skipping my special zone as I unintentionally smile.

Continuing up and down my arms, around my neck, and down over my breasts, I can’t keep my mind from wandering back to all the toys I saw in that store I walked past. So many to choose from, I wouldn't even know where to start. What do they all do? The loofa over my breasts feels nice.

I suddenly have the urge to go exploring in my private bubble bath.

I take my hands and rub my breasts gently, caressing my own body in a way that feels so different. So arousing. Squeezing them. then switching back to a soft stroke. My nipples have firmed even though my bathroom is warm and steamy.

With every tiny and gentle squeeze, I can feel the hair on the back of my neck rise, and my lady parts tingle. It feels so good, I just want to keep going. I slip my hands down over my stomach, reaching a part of me I am not well acquainted with.

I have no idea what I am doing, but I’m doing it

Pulling my hands away for just a split second, I take a deep breath. Calmly laying my hands on my hips, then following the gentle crease between my thigh and hip. I reach the lips of my vagina, and they are puffy, and the hair is soft.

Slowly slipping just the tip of my middle finger between them, I open them just enough to feel the slippery wetness hiding inside. I have never felt like this before. So calm and relaxed, yet so fired up.

My back arches suddenly, pulling my hands away slightly. I let out a gasp as my eyes open wide. Biting my lip, I make the decision to finally explore my body. This is my body. I want to know myself. I want to make myself feel good. I want to lose myself in pleasure.

Reaching my hand back to my lips, I spread them again. This time allowing two fingers to investigate. As my fingertips glide over a sensitive point, my body flinches. What was that?

It sent shockwaves up my spine.

That must have been my clit. Excited, I found it again. My body flinched and my toes curled. This was definitely the right spot. I discovered my clitoris. The magic little pleasure zone I had read so much about.

My breath starts to quicken and my heart starts racing. I am playing with my clit. Slowly rubbing my little bean between my two fingers, switching between pressures to find just the way I like it.

It felt amazing. With every touch of my clit, my vagina tensed with excitement. Pulsating on its own. My body was on fire.

My free hand slipped over my body again, fondling my breasts. My eyes closed. My mouth gaped.

What was happening? It felt incredible

I have never felt these sensations before. It was overwhelming, but I couldn't stop myself. I just had to see where this could take me. My fingers moved down slightly to find my lips filled with slippery wetness.

Covered with my own juices, my two fingers pushed firmly against my clit. My pace quickened and the slipperiness allowed my fingers to slide so seamlessly. The pressure was building so strongly within me, I knew I couldn't take much more.

Arching my back and grinding my clit into my fingers, I moaned with satisfaction. I could feel myself pulsating. My clit was so tender, and so awakened with the stimulation I was giving it.

My entire body was tingling, flinching gently every time I pulsated deep inside. One last motion and I could feel myself explode with sexual energy. I had hit my climax.

It dawned on me that this orgasm helped me release all of the built-up tension from the week. I felt different now. I felt better.

Panting quickly and grinning wildly

I giggled to myself, wondering why I had never done this before. I had never felt this relaxed, or this rejuvenated. I lost myself in pleasure, and suddenly my stress was gone.

I was now in a totally different mood.

If I can make myself feel this good, maybe there is something to all those toys on the shelves at that pink store.

Maybe it is time for me to explore a little more.


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