Erotica: I Moan Alone

Erotica: I Moan Alone

The little box sat patiently on my nightstand for one full week before I finally decided to have a peek inside. I’m ready. I deserve this. I have butterflies in my stomach as I carefully remove my new secret toy from its vault. I quickly look over my shoulder as if I will be judged, but I am alone in the privacy of my bedroom.

My little pink friend lays easily across my palm. I examine her at all angles before turning her on. The instant vibration sends a wave of curiosity straight into my lower belly. A squeal of delight escapes from my lips once I realise this little pink toy’s power. I’m pleasantly surprised at how powerful the vibration feels, and that’s just at speed level 1. “This might be fun…”

I am a young woman and a sexual being. I deserve whatever pleasure I choose for myself. What I do in the privacy of my bedroom is completely up to me. Right? I think now is a good time to figure out what guilt-free, self-pleasure feels like. What do I want? What do I like? What am I waiting for?

I fall horizontally across my bed with quickened breath. There is no rush, but I can't help my sudden urgency to feel, touch, and investigate. I start with my hands, nice and slow. Gentle fingertips contradict long nails up and down my body.

I see lightning behind my eyes as synapses fire. I radiate heat and lust in the way that only happens when I am alone. Why don't I do this more often?

Working my hips in little circles, and grinding my bottom into the bed, I awaken my body. I allow my mind to wander and naturally, I begin to fantasise. I can think about anything that I want. I imagine being in the backseat of a car with my crush, his hands all over me, his slow growls of pleasure. I keep my eyes closed and keep fantasising.

My cheeks are flushing and my heartbeat quickens. I am ready to own my pleasure. With the hum of a thousand bees, I start my exploration with my new pink device as I turn the vibration on, but for now, I keep it enclosed in my palm.

My nipples are begging to be first, and I do not disappoint them

They harden and respond immediately. I tease them with light strokes and squeezes. All of the hairs on my body stand on end and I am on fire. Light pinching and sweet vibrations have me writhing on my back.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and almost don't recognize who is looking back at me. I seduce my reflection; flirt with her image and then rise to my knees for a better view.

Who is that beautiful girl, open and glowing without a shred of modesty?

My fingers move quickly to my panties. I find them wet and clinging to my most sensitive parts, “Oh, my God,” I whisper. I am delighted by my arousal. So wet and hungry and I haven't even touched it yet.

I release my little pink toy from her enclosure. Pure femininity, soft and slippery.

I decide to let my arousal simmer, slowly. As much as I want it, I want to dally in this celebration for as long as I can. Admiring my mirrored twin, I begin to play with her. I trace my crinkled nipples and watch as she does the same.

In unison we hook our thumbs onto the sides of our panties; we pull them high against our aching, throbbing body, but I moan alone. A deep guttural sound that I don't recognise. But I do know one thing: I deserve this.

The soft silicone vibrator is now brushing my clit, and I use that to my advantage. I pull my panties higher and tighter against my sex, then grind myself into them. I feel wild.

I fall back to the bed panting and hungry. Attempting to catch my breath… but I am greedy for more. I want to keep pleasuring myself. I need more.

As I slide my panties down my hips and bottom, the air kisses the wet fleece that covers my lips.

I take that as an invitation to grope and fondle my dripping pleasure. My clitoris is so sensitive that it recoils at first touch. It feels puffy like bubblegum, and I instinctively smell my fingers to see if it's as sweet. It is.

I don't think I can hold out any longer. I want to finally feel that fluttering pulse. I oscillate my pink toy back and forth across my clit, then up and down.

I hold it still on my clit for awhile, and that feels amazing, but I’m not done exploring. I start moving the silicone vibrator in circles on my clit. This might be the best strategy yet, of all the ones I’ve tried. I am so close to the edge, but I am not ready to leap - not yet.

I am splayed out on my bed. My legs opened shamelessly wide, I look down my stomach to my wanting lady parts. I reach for my blanket to cover up - then I change my mind. Instead, I reach for a better angle, rock my hips, bucking them as the vibrator slides more and more easily in circles around my clit as I get wetter and more slippery. I am thrown into vibrating ecstasy.

I quiver and moan, wanting all of it.

I am now moving my whole body in circles, mirroring the circles I’m making on my clit with my vibrator, and I’m rocking my pelvis.

My pussy is warm, throbbing, and I start to feel an out-of-body experience.

My pink toy is so wet now, it glides over my clit like butter. The vibrations send waves of pleasure through my body. I give in to my wishes and turn the vibrator up for higher power. I can hear my sopping wetness, and that only feeds my need for more power. My legs quiver uncontrollably as moans and breath escape me. I surrender, anyway.

It’s happening.

Waves of combustion rock through my body. I buck and thrash as my orgasm rolls through every nerve, vessel, and cell. As I lay there completely spent, I chuckle at my brazen intimacy. This is what I’ve been missing out on? I know it won’t be the last time. Little pink is here to stay. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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