Masturbation: Why it's great

Masturbation: Why it's great
Sex with a partner? We know that’s awesome. But let’s not overlook the health benefits of a little solo time. Whether you're flying solo or in a relationship, masturbation is a winner. Yet, for people with vaginas, it often doesn't get the applause it deserves, especially in Asia where it's wrapped up in stigma and shame. What a shame, because, let's be real, it feels absolutely fantastic.
No matter when, how, or why you masturbate, it's crucial to remember that everyone—regardless of gender or body parts—deserves to explore their bodies and desires guilt-free. And guess what? It's Masturbation Month right now, so what better time to celebrate? The fantastic benefits we’re about to dive into apply to everyone. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Cumming is good for your mental health

Imagine the most mind-blowing orgasm or any fantastic sexual experience you've ever had. Chances are, it didn't happen while you were stressing over a work presentation or ticking off an endless to-do list. Now, not everyone can reach orgasm through masturbation, and that's totally okay. The real magic is in the attempt itself, which can pull your mind away from stressors. Whether you're diving into a steamy romance novel or enjoying a solo session, focusing on pleasure can be a great escape from anxious thoughts.

And here’s another perk: masturbation can flood your body with feel-good vibes, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed or down. Orgasms release endorphins—those delightful hormones that give you a temporary happiness boost. Plus, sexual arousal in general can increase oxytocin production, the "love hormone," which helps lower stress by reducing cortisol levels.

Granted, there's no definitive research linking masturbation to improved moods. But really, if it brightens your day, isn't that reason enough to indulge? And hey, since it’s Masturbation Month, there’s no better time to celebrate and enjoy some guilt-free pleasure!

Catch those O's to catch those Zzz's

Orgasms aren't necessary for sexual satisfaction, but let's talk about the journey toward one. This is all part of the sexual response cycle, and it's why that final release feels so incredible.

During masturbation (or partnered sex), your body goes through various stages with real physiological changes. First, in the sexual desire phase, your heart and breathing rates pick up, and your clitoris gets engorged with blood. Your muscles also tense up, gearing up for that exhilarating climax.

When you finally reach that peak, all that built-up energy and tension is let go. Your muscles might spasm, and your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing will spike. No wonder it can be so exhausting!

While masturbation isn't a guaranteed sleep aid, especially if you have serious sleep issues like insomnia, it can help some people feel super relaxed. The relaxation from an orgasm can make you feel sleepy, whether you climax quickly or take your time.

Masturbation can improve your libido

Let's face it, many people have dealt with a low libido at some point. Whether it's due to depression, pain during sex, too much alcohol, chronic illness, or just plain fatigue, there are countless reasons why your sex drive might take a hit. No matter the cause, feeling disconnected from your sexual self can be a real bummer. That’s where self-pleasure steps in as a hero.

Masturbation can reignite your sensuality by sparking more sexual thoughts and enhancing your sexual response. Think of it like indulging in a delicious piece of carrot cake; once you get a taste of that pleasure, whether it's from a sweet dessert or a delightful orgasm with your favorite vibrator, you're likely to crave more. The more you stimulate yourself, the more you'll want to keep the good times rolling.

However, if solo fun isn’t enough to rev up your libido, don’t feel discouraged. It’s totally okay. We suggest talking to your primary care provider, a sex therapist, or your ob-gyn. These professionals can help you uncover the root of the issue, whether it's hormone levels or lingering shame around sex, and offer personalized recommendations to get you back on track.

Become more interested in your partner!

As we mentioned, once you’ve satisfied your sexual cravings, you might find yourself craving even more. This could mean more solo sessions (go you!) or more sex with others.

Once you know what you enjoy, you can share that with your partner to boost your sex life. Discovering what turns you on or off is fantastic information to share, and it empowers you to ask for more of what you want in the bedroom. Learning what you like can lead to better communication and more satisfying experiences with your partner.

Boost your sexual confidence

One of the biggest perks of masturbation is that it can help tackle body image and self-esteem issues linked to sex. In a world where kink-shaming and misogyny are still rampant, and pleasure often comes with double standards, this is a game-changer. We're all sexual beings, whether we're in a relationship or not, and there's nothing wrong with that.

For people with vulvas (or anything, really), masturbation is an excellent way to get to know their bodies, explore fantasies, experience gender euphoria, and discover what gives them pleasure. In other words, it helps you understand what feels amazing and what can lead to those earth-shattering orgasms, if that's your goal.

Relieve your period cramps

If you get cramps before or during your period, the idea of doing anything—let alone putting in the effort to orgasm—might make you go "ugh." But guess what? Masturbation can actually help ease those cramps, at least temporarily.

Here's a quick biology refresher: During your period, your uterus sheds the endometrial lining it built up in case of pregnancy. It would be great if this process was painless, but sometimes it's a real pain, thanks to prostaglandins—those hormone-like chemicals that make your uterine muscles contract to expel the lining.

Some research suggests that climaxing can help relieve this pain by temporarily relaxing the pelvic muscles, which might improve your cramps a bit. However, even the strongest orgasm might not completely conquer severe uterine aches. If your cramps are intense, it's important to stay realistic and talk to your primary care doctor or ob-gyn. They can help you find more lasting relief.

Counteract menopause symptoms

You probably know about typical menopause symptoms like hot flashes and trouble sleeping. But did you know that this transition can affect your vagina too?

Menopause happens when your estrogen and progesterone levels drop so low that your menstrual cycle stops. These hormonal shifts can lead to changes down there, like your vaginal tissue thinning and becoming drier over time. This lack of wetness can make sex painful or uncomfortable.

To combat this, we suggest using lube and moisturizers, and staying sexually active—whether solo or with a partner. This can increase blood flow to the vagina, promote natural lubrication, and ease some discomfort. However, if the pain persists, it's important to talk to your primary care doctor or ob-gyn to find other solutions.

Masturbation makes you smarter

Here's another reason to indulge in some "me-time" as you get older: some research suggests that any form of sex, including masturbation, is linked to better cognition.

A 2017 study in The Journals of Gerontology looked at 73 people aged 50 to 83 who engaged in various sexual activities, including self-pleasure, at different frequencies. The results? The more frequently they got off, the higher they scored on cognitive tests measuring memory and verbal fluency.

Another study from the same year, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, used fMRI and brain scans to see which parts of the brain were activated when 10 participants, identifying as women, masturbated. It found increased activity in regions associated with cognitive and emotional processing, like the prefrontal cortex and anterior frontal cortex, during orgasms.

While experts aren't sure why this connection exists, they speculate that neurotransmitters involved in sex, like dopamine, might offer protective benefits for the brain. Though two studies aren't enough to definitively say that masturbation makes you smarter, the findings are pretty fascinating.

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