Listen up men! Here is what we are looking for in oral sex

Listen up men! Here is what we are looking for in oral sex

Alright, let's talk about giving oral, straight up, no fluff. Think of it like figuring out how to use a new app. Sure, there's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you're set.

It's not about being a show-off or doing crazy moves. It's about paying attention. You're listening and adjusting based on what you're hearing and feeling—kind of like updating your route in real-time when you're driving and hit traffic. The goal here is simple: make it good for her, and in turn, it'll be good for you too. Communication and being observant are your best friends in this.

Let's dive into some straightforward do's in this process. Forget about trying to perform or impress; just focus on being in tune with her and enjoying the ride together. It's all about teamwork, learning what works, and what doesn't, through a lot of listening and a bit of trial and error.

Make sure she's comfy

Kicking things off with that close, warm feeling? Priority number one is making sure she’s completely relaxed and at ease. Think about it like this: telling her to get comfortable isn’t just a throwaway line. It’s your way of laying out the welcome mat to a zone where stress and schedules don’t exist. The only thing on the docket? Pure enjoyment.

Find that sweet spot

Okay, so here's a pro tip straight from the romance playbook: she probably knows her favorite comfy spot, right? But if you're both in the mood for a little adventure, why not mix things up a bit? Try sliding a pillow under her to elevate the experience—literally. It’s all about finding that perfect angle to make her feel incredible. We suggest, “Keep her knees wide.” This isn’t just good advice; it gives you more room to navigate and makes everything feel even more amazing for her.

Tease time

Starting out, it’s all about the art of anticipation. Think of it as a slow burn, where a little teasing goes a long way. Begin with some light tongue play, nothing too intense, just enough to send a shiver down her spine. Then, why not take a detour? Venture into the realm of her thighs, exploring with a gentle touch, setting the stage for what's to come. The key here is patience and attention to detail, ensuring that by the time you zero in on the main event, the anticipation has been built up to the perfect level, making for an explosive and memorable experience.

Tune in

Alright, this is prime time to really tune in to her. Think of it as becoming fluent in her body language. Her breathing, the way she moves—it's all part of a conversation, and she's communicating loud and clear. Is she feeling it? Trust me, you'll catch on. Miss those cues, and you're basically flying blind. So, keep those senses sharp. It's like being a detective, but what you're solving for is way more fun. Paying attention now can make all the difference between an okay time and a mind-blowing experience.

Vibe with it

Bringing a vibrator into the scene shouldn't be a taboo move. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. A bit of tech help? Totally fine and can seriously amplify the experience. Choose a gadget that feels like an extension of your intimate moment, not something that screams 'third wheel'. The goal is to find something that blends seamlessly into the vibe you're creating together, something that adds to the pleasure without pulling you out of the moment. It's all about making sure both of you are having a great time, with a little extra buzz to keep things interesting.

The crescendo

As the intensity ramps up, consistency is your best friend. Once you hit that sweet spot, maintain it. But hey, reaching the peak isn't the only goal here. Drop the ego. Focus on making her feel amazing, and you're pretty much winning. Show her that, in this moment, there's absolutely nowhere else you'd rather be. That's the vibe. It's about ensuring the journey is as pleasurable as possible, every step of the way, and remembering that the journey itself can be the destination.

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