Anal training 101: How to prepare for anal sex

Anal training 101: How to prepare for anal sex
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Diving into bottoming for the very first time can feel like stepping into uncharted territory, with “mess” and “pain” often popping up at the forefront of the mind. But guess what? With thoughtful prep game and a sprinkle of anal training magic, you can totally flip the script to “confidence” and “pleasure.” Ready to get your booty in tip-top shape for its big debut? Starting with anal dilators is a solid move, but let’s not stop there. Stick with us as we unpack the ultimate beginner’s guide to anal training, loaded with all the must-know tips and tricks that’ll have you approaching this journey with excitement and, most importantly, ease.

What is anal training?

Anal training? It’s the hero of bottoming that seems to fly under the radar for many. Let’s be real: It’s not exactly something we were taught in health class, right? Think of your anal sphincters, or your "hole," as being on high alert nearly all the time. These guys are usually in super-tight security mode, so teaching them to relax and open up on cue is crucial. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about preventing tears, fissures, and other less-than-pleasant outcomes. Getting to grips with not only how to relax those muscles but also how to boost your skin’s elasticity and resilience is where the magic happens. Through anal training—and yes, regular play—your skin gets both more flexible and tougher, building a kind of armour against injury.

But here’s the thing: Training for anal is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Inside, there are three key players—the external sphincter, the superficial sphincter, and the internal sphincter, all lined up and ready to learn. This is where the art of anal dilation steps in, paving the way for a smooth, relaxed experience that sets the stage for successful bottoming. Sure, lots of folks get the muscle relaxation part down, but it’s the controlled stretching of the skin that often needs a bit more focus.

What you need for anal training

Kicking off your booty training journey can be unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to getting started. Some folks like to hit the refresh button with a shower or a douche, setting the stage for comfort and cleanliness. And when it comes to the landscaping down there—shaving or waxing—it's totally your call. No must-dos or must-haves in that department.

What we do highly suggest is arming yourself with an abundance of lube, carving out plenty of no-rush time, and creating a nice vibe in a space where you feel utterly at ease. These are your essentials for a smooth and enjoyable experience, tailoured just for you.

What toy types, materials, and sizes should I use?

When diving into anal play, the golden rule is to pick body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or glass. Why? These non-porous champs are a breeze to clean, keeping bacterial uninvited guests at bay. Steer clear of the porous no-gos like jelly or PVC. They're not only a cleaning nightmare but also less durable and can come with a side of not-so-pleasant aromas.

Kicking things off with smaller, tapered toys is the way to go, allowing your body to ease into the experience. As you get more into the groove, feel free to explore larger sizes. And let's not forget the safety-first mantra: always opt for toys with a flared or wide base to avoid any unwanted internal treasure hunts. Patience and a step-by-step approach to sizing are your best friends for a joyful journey.

How to train for anal

I might have a slight bias, but my guidance boils down to some pretty straightforward principles. Anal training is a multifaceted journey—it’s about finding that mental zen zone that keeps you calm and collected, mastering yoga breathing techniques that ease your body into a state of relaxation, and choosing a top-notch anal dilation kit for secure and effective dilation. My goal is to uplift and empower bottoms everywhere. By navigating through this anal training guide, you’re setting yourself up for an experience that’s not only safer and more comfortable but significantly more enjoyable too.

Exercise patience

Jumping straight into the deep end with the first person (or toy) that comes along isn't the way to go. Yes, a select few might seem like they were born ready to bottom, breezing through without the need for dilation, but let's be real—that's not the case for most of us. Giving yourself a solid 4-6 weeks of prep time is key, especially if you're dealing with a partner who's packing a bit more than average. And hey, if a session doesn't quite go as smoothly as you hoped, don't let it knock you down. Bodies vary—a lot. Some of us have skin and muscles that are on the tighter side, which simply means you might need to dial up the anal training a notch or two before hitting the pleasure jackpot.

Lube lube lube

Here’s a crucial heads-up: unlike the vagina, the rectum isn’t in the self-lubrication business, which means lube is your best friend for making things smooth and comfy, not to mention way safer. When it comes to choosing your lube, it’s all about compatibility with your anal training toolkit. If you’re teaming up with silicone and plastic toys, stick with water-based or toy-safe lubes. Rocking with glass or metal toys? Silicone lube is your go-to. And remember, it’s a good call to generously apply it both to your toy and your own entry point to ensure everything’s sliding smoothly.

Breathe and chill

Breathing through anal training and bottoming is just as crucial as it is in yoga—it's all about bringing a sense of calm to both your mind and body. This tranquility allows the muscles in your rear to unwind, paving the way for easier and more comfortable insertion. Each time you're about to insert a dilator, take a moment for a few deep breaths. It's a simple step, but you'll likely find it makes a significant difference. Trust me on this one—it really does work.

Enjoy it

Even though it might feel a bit like homework, anal training doesn't have to be something you dread. In fact, it can be an exciting addition to your routine, offering new avenues of pleasure and intimacy. Consider making it a spicy part of foreplay (and don't miss out on my other anal foreplay tips for more on this), or try incorporating it into your shower time, where clean-up is a breeze and the warm, steamy water adds an extra layer of relaxation. Plus, exploring anal training with a partner can deepen your connection, transforming it into a shared journey of discovery.

Stay alert

No matter how meticulously you approach anal training, or how gently you proceed, there might be moments when hurdles or limitations pop up unexpectedly. It’s vital to remember in these times that you’re not navigating this solo, and recognising when it’s time to consult a specialist is key.

If progress seems at a standstill, getting a thorough check-up, both internally and externally, becomes essential. This ensures that there aren’t any underlying conditions affecting your ability to dilate effectively. Occasionally, it might just be the muscle presenting challenges. Luckily, there’s a procedure known as anal manometry designed to assess muscle function specifically. There are instances where overcoming barriers related to skin and muscle tightness necessitates professional help, whether that’s from an anal surgeon or a pelvic floor therapist. Options like anal Botox or surgical interventions may be recommended paths forward.

Practice is key

Our anal muscles are no different than our abs or biceps and must be frequently exercised. Anal training for beginners should be done frequently and regularly, but know that you can reduce your routine over time. The more you keep it up, the better (read: more pleasurable) anal sex will be. Also, in addition to anal dilation exercises, you should alternate with anal contraction exercises to make sure you don’t lose too much muscle strength. On days that you aren’t bottoming or doing anal training, take your same anal trainers and squeeze your anal muscles around them. This will help keep things nice and tight--but not too tight.

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